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Is your bookkeeping practice all that it could be?

Learn how MontPac’s Affiliate Support Group can make your bookkeeping services scalable, profitable, and hassle-free.

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Why is MontPac uniquely qualified
to help you?

Quality of Work

The quality of our work is a point of pride at MontPac. We hire talented accountants and invest in their training -- both tools and CPE.  We also ensure the accuracy of our output by having a senior-level staff review our work before sending anything to you.


Flexible Affiliate Relationships

You can choose between two affiliate arrangements depending on what’s right for your service offering:

  • Standard Affiliate Arrangement (Private Label)

    • As a Standard MontPac Affiliate, you will enjoy preferential discounts on our standard rates which will give you  control on your own rates. This type of affiliate arrangement also allows you to keep your relationship and terms with your clients as we  serve as back-office support for your bookkeeping function.

    • For CPA firms or outsourcing firms who want to scale their business.

  • Commission Affiliate Arrangement

    • If allowed in your industry, leverage your broad network by referring MontPac and you can receive a percentage revenue share for every successful referral.

    • For consulting firms and CFOs

Great Margins

Our cost structure allows for your firm to enjoy significant margins while providing an excellent value for your clients. We customize each quote based on you and your clients' needs and requirements. Our affiliates achieve margins from 15% to 66% depending on the affiliate arrangement and services provided.


Secure IT Environment

MontPac has established policies and has invested in the latest IT equipment to avoid possible internal or external security threats:

  • Active Directory / Security Policies

  • Network Firewall

  • Folder/File Access Controls

  • Enterprise Endpoint Protection

  • On-site and Off-site backup

  • Device security policy

  • Door access controls in Facilities and Data Centers

Compliant with AICPA Rules Regarding Offshoring

The AICPA requires firms to include a disclosure clause on offshoring. We provide language to include in your client contracts which meets these requirements.


Sales Support

We are happy to support your sales process by introducing the benefits of using MontPac and to address any concerns about potential workflows, communication, or range of services.

Why MontPac
Get Started

Integrating MontPac into Your Practice

Becoming a MontPac affiliate is easy. After signing an agreement with us, these are our next steps to get you up and running:
Choose an Arrangement That’s Right for You
Get discounts on our rates by becoming a standard affiliate or receive a revenue share for your referrals by choosing our commission affiliate arrangement. To know more about what suits your business better, click here and get in touch with us.
Meet Your Team
We will assign a team composed of a team leader and accounting staff for your firm. This team will discuss with you the implementation process in more detail, understand your preferences on client communication, and agree on expectations and timelines so that we operate as one cohesive unit.

On-board Clients
Finally, after understanding your clients’ accounting needs,
MontPac will prepare a work order arrangement for each client and will do the agreed-upon accounting work based on the agreement. 
Contact us for more information.

What our clients say about MontPac

airCFO partnered with MontPac about 5 years ago, and we couldn't be happier.  We tried out a few alternatives throughout the years, and nothing has met our expectations when looking for high quality with reasonable pricing.  We tried other offshore firms as well as domestic solutions, and nothing has been close.  Montpac has helped airCFO grow from a dozen clients and a couple of staff to 100+ clients and a couple dozen on our staff.  We look forward to continuing our partnership. 
- Justin McLoughlin, airCFO



We process all types of accounting transactions: accounts payable, accounts receivables, and payroll at any frequency.


We complete bank reconciliations on a monthly basis or more frequently if needed. We also reconcile other balance sheet accounts such as prepaid expenses, deferred revenue and intercompany accounts to ensure accuracy of the books. 


We record accrued expenses, deferred revenue, depreciation & amortization, etc. to complete a thorough close of the books. We also prepare a financial statement package to suit your client’s needs. This typically includes an income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow along with supporting schedules. We also track and report Key Performance Indicators. 


We perform sales tax research and determine whether your clients’ products are taxable and/or if your business is required to register with the state/county, register sales tax permits and compute and file sales tax. We also collect W9s, identify 1099 reportable vendors and transactions and file 1099 forms to meet your tax filing requirements.

Contact Us
The Team

Meet the team

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Think of us as an extension of your team. We treat your business as our own, so we make sure that all of our accountants are a fit to your clients regardless of the industry. We have over 300 accountants who are not only knowledgeable in US GAAP, but are also trained and competent in various accounting systems typically used by your clients including QuickBooks Online, Xero,, Expensify, Gusto. etc. Our team is always available to go beyond bookkeeping and help you run your business better.

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Monty, having grown up in a family of accountants, found a natural affinity for the field. With over 30 years of experience in accounting, he now serves as the President and CEO of MontPac. Monty's focus is on aiding CPA firms in their growth by offering bookkeeping support services. By entrusting MontPac with this function, CPA firms can dedicate more time to their core expertise, nurturing relationships, and higher-margin activities.

President & CEO

Jona Mercado.jpg


Sr. Team Leader

Jona started at MontPac in 2015 as a senior associate and has since advanced to team leader. As a mom of an 8-year old, Jona relates parenting to being a team leader. They both require a lot of patience, discipline, and love -- patience in figuring out complex accounting issues, the discipline to hold her team members accountable when corrections are needed, and love for her work which makes it easy to do. And as with parenthood, the most rewarding part of being a team leader at MontPac is seeing her team and clients grow with her guidance.

Vicky Gaudiel_edited_edited.jpg


Vicky, who joined MontPac in 2008, has steadily advanced to the position of Chief Financial Officer. In her role, she oversees the strategic financial management of the company. Vicky's prior experience with global corporations like Ernst & Young Bermuda, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, and QBE Insurance (Phils) Inc. has equipped her with valuable insights and expertise in international financial management systems.

SVP - Client Services & CFO

Joseph Ramos.jpg



Joseph developed a passion for computers as a child when he encountered technical issues while gaming and taught himself how to fix them. This interest led him to pursue a career in Information Technology (IT). Now, as the AVP of IT at MontPac, he leverages his 10 years of professional experience and personal dedication to ensure smooth operations for clients. Joseph's expertise and reliability have earned him the trust of his colleagues and clients alike.

Mauee David.jpg


VP - Clients Services

Mauee graduated Magna Cum Laude in BA Accountancy and is a Certified Public Accountant. Prior to joining MontPac, Mauee worked with the Philippine affiliate of Ernst & Young. In 2012, she moved to MontPac as a Senior Associate and moved up the corporate ladder until she became the VP for Client Services. Currently, she is responsible for overseeing MontPac’s accounting operations and managing all clients from various industries.

Rhoda Dangsi.jpg


Director for
Client Services

Despite getting her Accounting degree in 2003, Rhoda initially faced challenges in fully practicing her degree in various corporate jobs. However, in 2012, she successfully passed the CPA board exam, reigniting her passion for accounting. Rhoda joined MontPac as a team leader and her career trajectory saw multiple promotions. Rhoda's prior experience in various companies has provided her with a unique advantage in understanding clients beyond accounting. She finds fulfillment in learning about her clients' diverse accounting systems and processes, making her role both challenging and rewarding.

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Sr. Team Leader

Janine's exceptional standards stem from her need to maintain top grades for scholarships to attend college. This drive led her to graduate Magna Cum Laude, pass her CPA board exam, and become one of MontPac's youngest team leaders. Her outgoing and gregarious personality has endeared her to colleagues at MontPac.


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